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Jan 05, 2023

Philadelphia Gear

Philadelphia Gear (a brand of Timken) has been using Cascade Analytic for over 20 years now for parts and services related to vibration analysis. For me personally they are my first choice when it comes to this sort of work. Their rates are fair & their customer service is excellent. Since we are an OEM that designs & builds gearboxes, we don’t have a need for this type of service as often as end users. However, if an end user calls us requesting such service or parts, we recommend that they work with Cascade Analytic too. And for the past 20 years I have never had a customer complain about the service they received from Cascade. There are occasions that we have a vibration mystery on our test stand that we ask Cascade to help us figure out and we have always been pleased with their prompt service & analysis of the problem. And there are times that we attack a given end user issue as a team when a gearbox (regardless of brand) has issues in the field.

That said, I highly recommend Cascade Analytic over all other comparable companies when such services are parts are needed.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Gley Olivi

Glen Olivi, P.E.


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