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We take training seriously. The best equipment in the world will fail if you don’t have trained people operating and maintaining it properly. The results could range from a loss of productivity to loss of life. That’s why Cascade has invested in an in-house training facility and offers a variety of courses to keep your skills up to date.


Our Training Facility


Meet your instructor, Ivo Dabelic



A graduate of the Dubrovnik Maritime Academy, Croatia (1964),  Mr. Dabelic spent six years at sea successively as a Third, Second, and First Engineer.  He then spent over nine years as a Marine Service Engineer with a major original engine manufacturer while based in Holland and San Francisco.  Mr. Dabelic also holds a Marine Chief Engineer License for motor and steam plants.  As a Manager of Maintenance, he served the marine industry specializing in vibration related problems.  Prior to organizing Cascade Analytic, Ivo was Vice President and General manager of Vibranalysis Engineering, Houston for 25 years.  He has a distinguished record in rotor dynamics and torsional analysis for single shaft and branched systems.


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