The Benefits of Shaft Alignment


Maintaining accurate shaft alignment is crucial to keeping your operations efficient and cost-effective. Investing in a shaft alignment system increases your facility productivity, minimizes downtime, saves on costs, and even helps the environment. Check out the top three benefits of machinery shaft alignment, and learn how laser alignment is superior to traditional shaft alignment methods.

Reduced Downtime

One of the major advantages to maintaining proper shaft alignment is reduced operations downtime. Lost production time is one of the most common effects of misaligned equipment; nearly half of breakdowns in rotating machines are directly related to inaccurate alignment. Maintaining proper alignment minimizes unnecessary downtime due to machinery failure, and extends the equipment life cycle, keeping you at full production longer.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

When a machine is running efficiently, it has a reduced need for unplanned maintenance and repairs. Additionally, because laser alignment reduces the possibility of machine breakdowns, machinery components are less likely to become damaged or fail, reducing the need to manufacture or order surplus materials. Reduced maintenance, repairs, and materials ordering means that your facility is able to run at a higher level of cost-effectiveness.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Inefficient machines require more energy consumption to run, and misaligned equipment can result in the spillage of environmentally harmful fluids. In contrast, a properly aligned machine can result in significant power savings, leading to reduced cost for you and reduced harm to the environment.

Why Laser Alignment?

Laser alignment is the most effective means of keeping your machinery properly aligned. Laser alignment is more accurate than traditional methods, and provides measurements in less time. Cascade MVS provides total laser alignment, vibration monitoring, and expert diagnosis services, and offers a complete product line for machinery alignment. To learn more about how proper shaft alignment can help your operations run more efficiently, contact Cascade MVS today.

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