Geometric Measurement Technologies

Customized, expandable systems for your industry to reduce vibration

Geometric measurement technology spans an extremely wide field. From relatively simple straightness measurements of a member to considerably more complicated right angle measurements of machine tools and checks of turbines for power generation. Cascade carries systems from PRUFTECHNIK for taking all these types of measurements quickly and easily. The universal and intelligent design gives you many application possibilities, because the laser transmitter and detectors are designed to be twisted, turned and mounted in all possible and impossible ways! These measurements can also be performed as a consulting service or try our “PROOF OF CONCEPT” services which follows our “NO CURE NO PAY” approach.

Geometric Systems

Turbine alignment

Higher energy efficiency through precise turbine alignment

Due to the ever increasing energy consumption and the limited availability of fossil fuels, the efficient use of our energy resources has become critical for a sustainable energy production. Measurement technology from PRUFTECHNIK has a crucial role to play as it contributes to the efficient operation of turbines.

Both the productivity and the trouble-free operation of a turbine depend on the high-precision measurement of the in-built components. All measurement tasks can be conducted with a minimum of time and excellent results using proven PRUFTECHNIK laser measurement instruments. Shorter turbine installation and servicing times reduce downtime from weeks to only a few days.
PRUFTECHNIK also offers comprehensive measuring devices for vibration analysis and balancing of turbine units.

Turbine alignment

Bore alignment

For demanding industrial applications

Bore alignment is a typical applications in many industries such as marine and shipping, energy and oil & gas.

Proper repair and reconditioning of combustion engines, compressors and pumps require exact measurement of the alignment of crankshaft and camshaft of bores, cylinder bores and crosshead guides.

Our systems provide a faster, easier and much more accurate solution than time-consuming traditional methods. Measurements are carried out with a laser beam and universal pointing brackets, thus eliminating mechanical and sag errors.

In addition to the alignment of bores, bearing pedestals and other circular machine elements, we also provide specific methods for the alignment of workpieces to boring heads as well as systems and services for gas and steam turbine alignment.

 Bore alignment for demanding industrial applications by PRUFTECHNIK


Flange connections create the best possible seal between two surfaces to prevent gases or liquids from leaking

Flanges create the best possible seal between two surfaces to prevent gases or liquids from
leaking. Flanges are also often used for power transfer. The flatness of the connecting
surfaces is very important for the proper functioning of flanges.

Flanges can be found in:

  • Diesel motors
  • Compressors
  • Cranes
  • Tower segments of wind turbines.

If flanges are not mounted precisely, malfunctions can occur. Leaks result in loss of pressure
or raw materials as well as risk of explosion. The seals on flange connections are subject to
higher wear and must be replaced frequently. Tensions can cause vibrations and therefore
also material damage.

Roll alignment

Roller parallelism with the PARALIGN service

Roll alignment with the patented PARALIGN

Improve quality and avoid downtimes

  • Avoid creasing, non-symmetrical winding, inhomogeneous layer thicknesses
  • Avoid web breaks and premature wear of system components
  • Drastically reduced measuring time: Take advantage of even short downtimes for roller measurement
  • Measurement results are not dependent on visual accessibility and different temperature profiles, for example in the measurement of dry sections.
  • Measurement results and their analysis are immediately available on-site.


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