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CascadeMVS provided services using the new Motion Amplification system from RDI Technologies at our Deer Park, TX facility.  Our thin film evaporator was experiencing (seal failures?).  We had recently used Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) for the other evaporator and found excessive movement we were able to correct.  Completing a full ODS requires some time to complete the model, collect proper data and upload the data to animate the movement.   The results indicate where the majority of movement is centralized and help to determine the proper “fix” for the application.

The Motion Amplification (MA) is a quick, effective system which allowed us to view both machines in under an hour.  We compared the motion of the repaired machine to the other and the results were incredible.  The technology, although in its infancy, reduced a significant amount of work and also indicated some issues which would have been very difficult to test, due to many reasons, but primary was safety concerns.  This tool will help us focus our efforts on using our time to diagnose problems in our facilities.

We can see using this tool on piping analysis, rotating equipment, structural analysis, etc. We are only limited by your imagination.

Allan Mathis

Rotating Equipment and Vibration Engineer-VI (ISO Category III Certified)





“It’s been a pleasure working with Ivo.  We brought a particularly unusual vibration problem to him for assistance.  We had been trying, without success, to resolve a vibration problem in a Power Turbine installed in an off-shore compression package.  Ivo conducted a thorough review of the data we brought him, and offered his analysis and conclusions.  I can say, without reservation, that this led directly to the resolution of the problem.  The problem was a very low frequency component that was thought to be structural.  Ivo zeroed right in on the real cause, and put us on the right track to fix the problem.”

Tony Renfrow

Technical Services Rep.

Roils-Royce Energy Systems, Inc.


“I have known Ivo for many years. I believe the first time I met him was in California at a Dial Soap company that had a Kawasaki Gas Turbine that was having vibration issues with the gearbox to generator coupling. The engine and gearbox had failed and were replaced with new.

Within a few test runs he was able to diagnose the problem to the rubber bushings in the coupling not being reinstalled exactly as they have been before being removed. Replacement rubber bushings were ordered and the problem was resolved.

My second experience with Ivo brought his expertise over to Bermuda, where the local power company there has two gas turbines for power generation that were having low hour gearbox failures.

Ivo has a bag of tricks that most people have never even seen. We went from strain gauges to determine the actual thermal growth of these gearboxes to actual trim balance of the low speed couplings to remove residual vibration levels.

Did I mention that Ivo also determined that these gearboxes had a design flaw with one of the gears running at a critical speed that was the cause of the previous 4 failures? I informed Rolls Royce of his findings and they laughed it off mentioning that he was incorrect and these Falk gearboxes had been around for a very long time.

And yes they were around for a very long time but used only as stand by meaning less than a few hundred hours on them. One of the gearboxes went back to Lufkin for repair and Lufkin asked Rolls Royce if they knew about a design problem in this gearbox related to one of the gears? That basically was the end of Ivo not knowing what he had determined to be the cause of the previous failures.

Both gearboxes were vibration tested while on site and trim balanced using Ivo’s expertise and skills. To date they have accumulated thousands of hours of service without incident.

There are not many people in the world today that came come onto a site, regardless of what the equipment is and analyze the cause of the problem and then make the necessary correction or direct the customer to have the corrections completed to resolve the problem.

And yes, Expertise does come with a price, but in the end you will be glad to have met Ivo and used his skills for correcting your problem. You will most likely even ask him to look at another piece of equipment that has something going on with it too, which Ivo will gladly do.

If necessary, feel free to give me a call, I would be more than glad to inform you about how Ivo has assisted me over the past 25 years  while working with Rolls Royce.”


Jamie Muller

Sr. Field Service Specialist

Rolls Royce Energy Systems

Gilbert, Arizona



Air Liquide Industrial US

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us with the 11,000 horsepower

motor and associated compressor at our Denver Air Separation Unit. Several companies

evaluated the vibration on our motor and were recommending significant foundation

modifications to correct this long standing vibration problem. Industrial Power Systems

suggested your company and as a result of your quick response and outstanding field

support we were able to identify a manufacturing defect in the motor coupling as the true

source of the vibration. Additionally you evaluated our permanent vibration monitoring

equipment and made recommendations to improve the reliability and accuracy of the

equipment. It is my opinion that the outstanding support provided by Cascade Analytic

saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary foundation modifications and significantly

improved the long term reliability of our plant.  Thank you again for your help.”


Randy Carlisle

Engineering and Projects Manager


Rolls Wood Group

“To Whom It May Concern

Through the years we used Cascade MVS services in matters of:

  • Vibration analysis on Gas Turbines, Gearboxes and associated equipment
  • In place rotor balancing
  • Hot and cold machinery alignments
  • We purchased monitoring equipment for our new Test Cell as well as used Cascade’s calculations for the alignment position for couple of different Gas Turbine models to Air Brake type Dynamometer

Cascade MVS is highly skilled and dependable company with top notch people that deliver professional and promised results.

We, without hesitation, I can recommend Cascade MVS in all aspects of Machinery Vibration Solutions regardless of manufacturer and machinery type.”


Kelly Wilson

Sr. Vice President




CPL Systems

“CPL Systems and I personally have had many years of experience with Ivo and his organization.  Cascade has provided CPL support on several steam turbine projects where major gearbox problems were solved as well as supported CPL in implementing vibration monitoring and safety systems on several turbine jobs.  Ivo has personally trained me in vibration monitoring, rotor and gearbox monitoring and overall machinery techniques for machine reliability.

Ivo and Cascade is highly recommended by CPL and in all cases is the choice for support on rotation equipment.”


Luke Conner





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